Something unique in the world

The Hotel Faro, a Lopesan Collection Hotel and Blue Marlin Ibiza join forces to create an exclusive product, specially designed for a type of adult traveler who, during their vacations, demands Premium leisure and restaurant alternatives. Modern hammocks, Balinese beds, infinity pools, signature cocktails, select cuisine and the best musical shows of the moment come together in the most original entertainment offer in Gran Canaria.

The consolidated prestige of the Blue Marlin Ibiza brand supports its landing in the south of the island with a unique and fascinating proposal, which is committed to the creation of its first Sky Lounge worldwide. The location of this premiere could not be more successful, since the hotel’s rooftop offers unparalleled views of the Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve, the Atlantic Ocean, the commercial area of El Boulevard and the Maspalomas Lighthouse.

Blue Marlin Ibiza Sky Lounge Gran Canaria is cocktails, it’s a party, it’s a lifestyle…

Start dreaming

In its relaxing pools

What was the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen? If in your answer you have not mentioned the Hotel Faro, the Lopesan Collection Hotel, it is possibly because you have never stayed with us and you have been carried away by the spectacle of color with which nature bids farewell every day in this fantastic place.

At Blue Marlin Ibiza Sky Lounge Gran Canaria everything is ready so that you can live an unforgettable experience from one of its infinity pools, designed to feel as if you were floating, while the Maspalomas Lighthouse acts as a stony witness before a sun that seems to be fighting because doesn´t want to hide behind the horizon.

Just relax

Toasting for life

Almost without realizing it, you feel how your hips and shoulders move to the beat of the music. You are lying in a comfortable hammock and you have just asked to be served one of the signature cocktails that are part of the Blue Marlin Ibiza Sky Lounge Gran Canaria menu. Before, you have been able to enjoy a delicious lunch, prepared by the kitchens of prestigious and renowned international chefs.

Everything is ready for one of the exclusive theme parties that have made this establishment popular all over the world. Of course, the atmosphere is sensational and attendees are eager to find out who the surprise guest artist is.

Living an experience similar to the one described in these lines is within your reach at Hotel Faro, a Lopesan Collection Hotel. You just have to go up to the roof top in the panoramic elevator and toast to life at Blue Marlin Ibiza Sky Lounge Gran Canaria.

* From Monday to Friday, guests at Hotel Faro have free access to the Blue Marlin Ibiza Sky Lounge Gran Canaria facilities, hammock included. Minimum consumption is required at weekends, with limited capacity.